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Say hello to the color picker in WebKit Inspector

If you’re using the Chrome dev channel or the WebKit Nightlies, you might have noticed this already: previously, when you clicked the colored square on the left of a color code in the WebKit Inspector, it used to cycle through different color formats. That’s still possible when you shift-click it (alt-click on Windows), but a regular click will now spawn a color picker. It was on my WebKit Inspector wish list 2 years ago, and now seems to have finally made it in! No more need to switch to another app just to pick a color for an element on your page. It doesn’t allow you to sample colors on screen, but I presume that’s a lot harder to do.

Since you can easily customize the WebKit Inspector, I got rid of the confusing double background of the widget. Here are the selectors you can use for the color picker – though I’m not sure where the original yellow background is defined?

/* color picker styles */
.spectrum-container {
    background: #ffffc2 !important;
    border: 0 !important;